Change brand through design
that people love, share and enjoy.

We believe in the power of creativity to change things for the better, to shape organisations and inspire people. With over a decade and a half of experience working across continents, languages and cultures, we have become skilled at solving complex brand problems. We make creative work for ourselves, the people we work with and the people they want to inspire.

Our work flexibly on resters, retainers and individual projects with Standard Chartered Bank, ACB, Shop Decor, Fit Home, Cánh Cam or Ciao Cafe... Our purpose is to design brands that people care about, engage with, share & enjoy. We deliver a fully-integrated creative service underpinned by compelling bright ideas that people spontaneously pick up and retell.

We work hard to understand what's now and what's next. We know what you want, and we deliver… more than you expected. That's we do what we do best.

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Our Agency Our Agency

Our Design Models

Many agencies write a case study immediately after a campaign launches. At Intheblack, a case study is written only after a campaign has run for a minimum of six months, with proven increased sales resulting from a clearly defined brand image. Intheblack’ work is also subjected to a logo test, in which consumers are shown brand communications without a logo to ensure that they still recognize the brand. This is how Intheblack defines true branding — with distinctive ideas that stand the test of time and create sustainable growth for clients.

Design Partner

People Matter

We're not in the ad business. We’re in the people business. We understand brands because we understand people. Today, it’s not enough to stand out. Brands must fit into people’s lives in ways that are useful, genuine and enriching. And we foster these relationships by aiming for the most powerful consumer touch point we know: the heart.

Incubation Partner

We Modernize Brands

Intheblack has significant experience modernizing brands. We drive growth for a diverse collection of clients partners in the 35 categories, among others. Want to build a great brand? Start with great tools. In the hands of smart collaborators, our proprietary tools can generate meaningful brand experiences.

Our Approach

We create enduring brand platforms, not short-lived campaigns. We are unique in embracing a design-led approach to create brand meaning, because we believe meaning trumps information by forging a deep and powerful emotional connection with consumers.

We deploy many skills but our best work comes together to form what we call a Brand World. A world of choices culminating in one cohesive experience.

Collaborative & Collegial

Our best working relationships are creative partnerships. We see ourselves as your team.

Visible & Tangible

We make things as real as possible, as soon as possible.

Open & Transparent

We strive to make the team, the approach, and the pricing as clear as we can.

Fast, Flexible & Iterative

Designing for digital is designing for change. We embrace that in our approach.

Pragmatic & Tech-Savvy

Our goal is to get great products built. We design for efficient development.

Do Things People Love

A brand creative company driven by a simple mission: do things people love!

What makes us great? Our people!

We are branding agency using facts, intuition to unlocking the power of change, with a focus on branding, digital and sharable content thrive in a connected world.

We partner with C-Suite, those who want to stand for something, create difference & have a positive emotional impact on society. We’re a collaborative team of strategists, writers, designers, filmmakers, and programmers united by our enthusiasm for building brands and experiences that drive meaningful change for the companies we partner with.

Pitching Ideas!

If you hesitate between us and another agency, don’t choose us. We don’t do pitches. If you want to work with us, please contact us directly.

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